It’s A Wonderful Life

In a world that cannot stop cheering more for individualism, for chasing one’s personal dreams, advocating self-reliance, self-empowerment, self-actualisation or realisation, it is a good reminder of what it really means to live a meaningful life. The meaning of life does not derive from our own personal achievement, but our inter-relations, inter-connectedness with each other.

It made me revisit and hopefully understand a little bit better these words from our teacher Michael Berg:

“We all think we are good people if we help another person. That’s not being connected to the Light of the Creator.
Being connected to the Light of the Creator is:

how far you are willing to fall to elevate another person;
how far you are willing to be in pain to assist another person;
how much you are willing to give up yourself to elevate, to assist another person.”

Michael Berg

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