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No upfront payment. No retainer fees. No pay-per-lead or pay-per-click.

Joint-Venture: Partners pay a % commission on converted leads only. 

Integration of both J&S Lead Generation and J&S Lead Management (free to use for the Partners).

Our goal: to grow your business risk-free from our exclusive leads.

Open only to a selected number of business owners who meet our eligibility criteria (see below).

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Partner Eligibility Criteria

J&S Partners is a joint-venture programme reserved only to a selected number of aspiring small business owners who can meet our eligibility criteria.

Transparency & Integrity.

  • We expect our partner to track the leads properly. The partner shall report the leads conversions, as well as the amount to be invoiced regularly and transparently.

Good Leads Management.

  • Leads are only valuable when they are answered right away. We expect our partner to use J&S Leads Management system, or to integrate your own CRM system with ours by providing with us your API, so as to follow up each lead swiftly.

Excellent Conversion Rate / Closing Skills.

  • We expect our partner to be able to close deals, and/or willing to jointly work out the best workflow to maximise the leads conversion.

Business Hungry & Able To Scale

  • We expect our partner to be business hungry, and to have a good foundation (team, system, processes) in place; is able & ready to scale up and grow.

We reserve the option to terminate our partnership, should any of our leads not be disclosed or converted, as a result of lack of integrity, poor leads management, or inability to convert leads effectively. 

Available Projects

A list of projects that are generating leads and are open to new partners.

We help small businesses grow.

Leverage Digital Marketing to Help Small Businesses Grow Organically Online.
Each project is exclusively dedicated to 1 business only. No shared leads.

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