Telemarketing or cold calling can be an effective way to reach new customers and grow your business. The key is to approach it with a clear strategy and a positive attitude.

Despite the fact that cold calling is one of the least popular methods of marketing, it can still be effective if done correctly. In order to generate leads through telemarketing, businesses need to target their audience carefully and create a script that will pique their interest. By making personal contact with prospects, telemarketers can create relationships and build trust. 

Of course, telemarketing is not without its challenges. In order to be successful, businesses need to have a clear understanding of their target audience and what motivates them. They also need to invest in researching quality prospects and have telemarketers effectively engage with them over an elevator pitch. It is also important to remember that not everyone will be interested in what you’re offering on the spot over the phone. Don’t give up just yet. Keep the lines of communication open and find ways to re-engage with them at a later stage by providing value upfront. Once you gain the trust and establish a closer connection with your prospect, it will be much easier to close a deal.


Step One - We Identify Your Business Needs

By identifying your business needs, we can tailor a telemarketing campaign to meet those objectives. We will ask all the necessary questions in order to identify who is best suited in our team towards achieving success based on his/her track record as well as your needs.

Step Two - We Do Our Research

Unlike other telemarketers, we carry out in-depth research on your behalf. We will identify:

  1. the key decision maker who is the most relevant for the products / services you are offering;
  2. your competitive advantages as compared to similar products / services already being offered on the market;
  3. your unique value proposition as to how your products / services can best meet the needs of the business you are reaching out to.

Step Three - We Launch Campaign with Regular Updates

Once the research is done, we can launch your campaign with the most relevant prospects in no time. You’ll get regular updates so that you know how it is going and if there are any changes needed in order for us to refine and improve the process.

Step Four - We Keep All Data & Records Nice and Clean

We give you the name of every contact, their phone number and email, appointment times for today or next week – it’s all in one place! You can also see how many conversations there have been between us and your prospects, any additional notes or comments, so no matter what stage they are at, we will be able to make sure that anyone can pick it up from where it stands and follow through.

We partner with Virtual Leads specialising in telemarketing, appointment setting, cold calling, telesales anywhere in the UK. Want to know more? Contact us today.


The team is very professional and quick to answer any questions. They were able to work their way through our list to inform prospects of our products and services, and gather email addresses so we could send our catalog. We will be working with them again soon.

Having more questions? Take a look at our quick start-up FAQ for a successful outsourced telemarketing campaign:

Frequently Asked Questions:

When making cold calls, there are a few important “do’s” to keep in mind. First, do your homework and research your potential customer. Find out as much as you can about their needs and pain points. Second, do be prepared for objections. Have a script ready that addresses common objections in a natural way. Finally, do be persistent. Don’t give up after one call – it often takes several attempts to make a connection.

There are also a few important “don’ts” when it comes to cold calling. First, don’t waste people’s time. Get to the point quickly and let them know why you’re calling. Second, don’t be pushy or aggressive. Be friendly and helpful, and let the customer decide if they’re interested or not. Finally, don’t take no for an answer right away. If the person you’re speaking to isn’t interested, ask if there’s someone else in the company they would recommend you speak to.

When writing your cold calling script, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Keep it concise. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever, so you need to make your pitch brief and to the point.

2. Personalise it. Take the time to learn about your prospect, and then customise your script to address their specific needs and pain points.

3. Use a conversational tone. No one wants to be read a script verbatim, so sound like you’re having a real conversation. This will help to build rapport and make the prospect more likely to listen to what you have to say.

4. Be prepared for objections. Anticipate the objections your prospect is likely to raise, and have counterarguments ready. This will show that you’re responsive and invested in solving their problems.

5. Ask for the sale. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want – remember, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t ask!

We only need phone numbers and a basic calling script.

We use VoIP. We have numbers all around the world.

When we use VoIP, all the call logs will be stored in our lead management system directly, including call recordings, any additional information with regards to the prospects, any useful notes etc. We can also put notes for each call in Excel, or set up an account for you in shared spreadsheet such as Zoho or Google Sheet and add comments for each call, but it will cost you extra.

We use a number of different metrics to gauge the success of our campaign. The most important metric is the conversion rate, which measures the percentage of leads that result in a sale. Other important metrics include appointment set rate, average call duration, and cost per lead. By tracking these metrics, we can get a clear picture of which aspects of our telemarketing campaign are working and which need to be improved.