UBI, Covid-19, BS jobs…

Elon Musk once said in an interview at the World Government Summit 2017 in Dubai:

“Universal Basic Income (“UBI”) is not a matter of “if”, but “when”…

“The harsher question, the real challenge, is how do we find meaning.”

(see full video here)

Most people derive meaning from their employment, to the extent that they don’t want to admit or even realize that what they do is completely unnecessary (see “bullshit jobs” by Professor David Graeber)

That’s where spirituality shall kick in.

We are not what we do. We are not here to spend our lives in getting a job or shaping our CVs or making noises at a conference or in a small box called “the office” in order to change/save/fix the world.

Our job here is to change/save/fix ourselves, to work on ourselves, to become a better version of ourselves.

There are too many people unhappy about their jobs…there are simply too many BS jobs…maybe the advent of AI & full automation is rather a liberation than a curse?

May our grandkids or grand-grand kids never have to sell their labour ever again for a pay-check.

Disagree? Think about how often you wanna change or kill your job.

Funny that all is now brought up (and hopefully pushed forward) by corona.

A blessing in disguise? If it were true, at least Picasso’s puzzle would be solved.

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